January 14 – February 24, 2024
Paris - Romainville

Distant heirs of the Zone of Immaterial Pictoral Sensitivity by Yves Klein, as well as various conceptual dematerialisation of the 1960s, air-conditioned spaces and other open-air vapour dispensing systems, the works gathered for Invisible Volume expose, in their own way, zones of immaterial sculptural sensitivity. Although not readily visible at first glance, the volumes exhibited here nevertheless remain discernable and perceptible. Audible or tactile, these works pulsate currents of air, heat corners, or add sound to spaces. Some are driven by drafts, consumed in clouds or simply traversed by a breath.

Diffuse, they also question the issue of the delimitation - the transition from one temperature to another, from resonance to silence - and thus test our capacities for attention. Beyond a mystical consideration of the immaterial or more critical approaches to dematerialisation, these invisible volumes are also zones of potentiality: within the urban fabric, vacant plots, destroyed or to be built on, enclosures to be protected and invested in.