Clemens von Wedemeyer

Born in Göttingen, Germany in 1974
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany

Clemens von Wedemeyer creates films and media installations poised between reality and fiction, reflecting power structures in social relations, history and architecture. "For over a decade, von Wedemeyer’s films and film installations have explored ideas of utopia and dystopia in the built environment. Again and again the filmmaker holds up architecture as a kind of socio-political mirror to the people it shelters, employs, or turns out, while deftly exploiting the advantageous atmospherics that both modernist ruins and postmodernist edifices reliably provide. Simultaneously, and with a movie buff’s zeal, the artist expertly gleans the film medium for historical precedents and political ambiguities, formal faculties and stylistic turns" (Quinn Latimer). In his ‘cinema about cinema’ normally hidden aspects of film production – such as the dressing of a set or the casting of actors – are incorporated in the final edit alongside scripted and improvised actions. Switching between drama and documentary von Wedemeyer creates layer upon layer of ambiguity in his work and thereby pushes the viewer to question the conventions of theatre, film, news reportage and reality TV.

Video Installation of Vermin of the Sky, 2017, at Brno Moravian Gallery, Czech Republic, 2017 (excerpt)