Geneviève Asse, Juhana Blomstedt, Paolo Boni, Christine Boumeester, Camille Bryen, Lourdes Castro, Serge Charchoune, Corneille, Sonia Delaunay, Yves Deloule, René Dérieux, Jacques Doucet, Gonçalo Duarte, Georges Foissy, Marc Giai-Miniet, Henry Goetz, Etienne Hajdu, Maurice Henry, Harold Hooper, Marcel Jean, François Jousselin, Ida Karskaya, Peter Klasen, Eva Landori, Jean-Etienne Legros, Milvia Maglione, André Marfaing, Roberto Matta, Richard Mortensen, Aurelie Nemours, Armand Petitjean, Nono Reinhold, Pierre Skira, Victor Vasarely, Jacques Villon, Hugh Weiss, René Bertholo, Jacques Mandelbrojt, Judit Reigl, Arcay, Árpád Szenes, Imre Pán, André Cottavoz, Colette Brunschwig, Marcelle Cahn Imre Pán, a European artistic and publishing history in Paris in the 1960s

March 2 – April 20, 2024
Paris - Romainville
Marjorie Micucci

An exhibition paying tribute to the figure of Imre Pán (1904-1972). Close to the Dadaist and Surrealists of Hungary from the 1920s, this prolific man – a poet, critic, publisher, bookseller, exhibition curator – played an active role in Budapest’s cultural life before moving to Paris in May 1957, after the capital’s uprising was crushed by the Soviet Union. Close to Corneille, d’Étienne Hajdu and Jacques Doucet, Pán's publishing activity in Paris was abundant; in the 1960s he created several journals containing limited artist editions, including Signe, Morphèmes and Mini-Musée.

An ardent supporter of the free circulation of ideas and works, he encouraged small format canvases and works on paper. Guided by a great spirit of independence, he published almost 150 original editions by artists from all artistic horizons: from geometric abstraction (Marcelle Cahn, Aurelie Nemours, Wifredo Arcay), optical (Victor Vasarely) or informal (Ida Karskaya, André Marfaing or Colette Brunschwig), post-surrealist figurations, narrative or close to the New Realists (Milvia Maglione, René Bertholo, Lourdes Castro). This exhibition brings together, around the documents and personal archives of Imre Pan, the works and these numerous artist editions. 

Marjorie Micucci

Marjorie Micucci is an art critic and poet. Born out of a doctoral thesis on poetry in the work of Roni Horn, notably that of Emily Dickinson, her current research explores the notion of poetic and literary 'debt' in contemporary art. Her most recent essays focus on the work of Jean-Christophe Norman, Karel Appel, Colette Brunschwig, Gyan Panchal, Mâkhi Xenakis and Rosa Barba. Since 2005, Marjorie Micucci has been working on a poetic, photographic, performative, and publishing project based around the book object, the fourth volume of which, titled La baleine noire - The black whale - Impératif du poème, has just been published (The Contemporary Erratum Press, 2023). She both contributes and has contributed to a number of specialist journals, including l'art même, Artpress, Mouvement and the AWARE website. In 2022, she organised the exhibition Colette Brunschwig & Claude Monet in conversation at the Galerie Jocelyn Wolff (Romainville) and in 2023 at Abraham & Wolff (Paris), she exhibited a selection of collages and serigraphs by Aurélie Nemours, designed in the 1960s for the Imre Pan editions.