January 12 – January 15, 2023

Galerie Jocelyn Wolff is very pleased to be part of Art SG , and to exhibit a selection of remarkable historical and recent works for it’s first participation. This selection is a reflection of the gallery’s on-going program, based on an ambition to help build a dialogue between emerging artists and those who have already made a significant contribution to the contemporary art world. The artists whose works we propose for Art SG 2023 incorporate processes of abstraction and physical experimentation into their pieces, focusing on the potential interactions between the body, material and space.

Some of these themes are reproduced in Franz Erhard Walther’s textile pieces, which inhabit a performative potential that interacts directly with the viewer through processes of activation. Their materiality, often relating to the corporeal interaction of those perceiving them, are in dialogue with Miriam Cahn’s paintings, where the body is represented in different forms. From small portraits imbued with a ghostly presence that capture the human condition, her paintings are hung at eye level to allow the viewer to be directly confronted with the eyes of Cahn’s personas. William Anastasi is one of the founders of Conceptual Art with, as well, solid connections in his earliest works to Minimalism. In his work Anastasi delicately dissects the differences between seeing and perceiving. 

Among the other artists the gallery propose for SG Art 2023, publics are invited to discover works by Francisco Tropa, Isa Melsheimer, Irene Kopelman, Santiago de Paoli, Diego Bianchi and the French artist Elodie Seguin. Our booth will be designed in close collaboration with the artists, and it will reflect the ongoing research line of the gallery program.

Santiago de Paoli, Solo, 2020, oil on felt fabric, 45 x 34.5 cm, photo : Mark Blower