Miriam Cahn, Prinz Gholam Villa Reykjavik, Iceland

July 9 – July 16, 2010
Outdoors Gallery Exhibitions

Opening week : Friday, July 9th at 6 PM, exhibition openings of the following galleries : Croy Nielsen, Foksal Gallery Foundation, Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Hollybush Gardens, i8, IBID Projects, Jan Mot, Johann König, Raster, Rodeo, Zero our gallery is located Tryggvagata 18, 101 Reykjavík Wednesday, July 14th at 5 PM at the House of Ideas: Prinz Gholam performance Oskar Dawicki performance Paula & Karol concert etc. House of Ideas / Hugmyndahús, Grandagarður 2 Prinz Gholam performance A black & white photograph of two figures is placed in a spacious room. In an adjacent space Prinz Gholam begin their performance by embodying the same posture depicted in the black & white picture. A succession of meditation-like postures follow. They enhance a mental, emotional, and bodily, rigor. The meaning of the embodied is decontextualized. The present situation takes over. A subjective sense of time establishes itself simultaneously for the performers and for the beholder. The performed stillness, or the still-act, is an interruption of the economy of time and the fluidity of movement: movement resistance, moments of intensification, small movements, vibrations and trembling. 14 July, 17.00, House of Ideas / Hugmyndahús, Grandagarður 2