En Déplacement #23 with Klima Magazine, Le Genre Urbain (2/2)


Xavier Caponado, director
Founded in 2002, Genre urbain has two aims: to be a local bookshop and to offer a specialised collection of books on urban issues.
Located in Belleville, Genre urbain is a lively, general bookshop. What sets it apart is that it also has a very comprehensive urban collection (urban planning, architecture, social sciences, techniques, tourist guides), aimed at professionals and specialists as well as the general public, and supported by a very active policy of meetings and debates.

Loucia Carlier, Co-founder and art and critic director
Antonine Scali Ringwald, Founder and editor in chief
Alicia Reymond, Editorial comitee

Klima is a print magazine that proposes a collective reflection based on a theme specific to each issue. Aware of the political urgency of our times, Klima aims to be part of the current cultural climate by examining the issues at stake and the new forms of utopia, using research and art as spaces for deliberating the contemporary itself. The latest issue, Mutabilities, looks at the different forms of change shaking the world.