En Déplacement #21 with Sabrina Soyer, Théo Pall, Laurent Abécassis (1/2)


🎙️Sabrina Soyer, artist and writer
Her research interests include experimental writing, the history of feminism and queer movements in art and literature, and the relationship between literary genres and the social construction of gender. She created the experimental writing and translation workshops How to become a Lesbian, in Paris, when she was teaching at The Cheapest University, and is currently working in duo with Lisa Robertson on a book entitled I of song, combining poems, cake recipes and translations by the trobairitz Na Castelloza, to be published by Nion Editions.

🎙️Théo Pall and Laurent Abécassis, founders of Burn-Août publishing house
They co-founded Burn~Août with Eli Abenhag and Fanny Lallart. After completing their respective arts studies, they turned to independent publishing. Driven by social, feminist and climate urgency, they became aware of the importance of printed forms and their dispersal. Edition Burn Aout recently published the collective work "Politiser l'enfance" (Politicising childhood) by Vincent Romagny.

About the podcast
Once a month, Thomas Boutoux and Clara Schulmann host figures from the contemporary art world on the set of their show “En déplacement,” to discuss their trajectories, and especially their changes in trajectory.