En Déplacement #20 with Annabelle Aventurin, Ana Vaz, Maïa Tellit Hawad (2/2)


🎙️Annabelle Aventurin
An archivist, programmer and filmmaker, Annabelle Aventurin is also in charge of the conservation and distribution of Med Hondo at Ciné-archives. In 2021, with the support of the Harvard Film Archive, she coordinated the restoration of West Indies (Med Hondo, 1979) and Sarraounia (Med Hondo, 1986). She has been invited to present the cycle La voix post-coloniale de Med Hondo at the Cinémathèque québécoise in June 2023. In 2022 she made her first documentary, Le Roi n'est pas mon cousin, a thirty-minute film in which she and her grandmother Elzéa Foule Aventurin retrace a family history.

🎙️Ana Vaz
Born in 1986, Ana Vaz is an artist and filmmaker from the Cerrado in Brazil, a region of savannah and arid lands in the centre of the country. Her filmography provokes and questions cinema as an art of the (in)visible and an instrument capable of dehumanising the human, expanding connections with non-human or spectral forms of life. As a consequence or expansion of her cinematography, her artistic activities are also embodied in writing, critical pedagogy, installations and collective walks. Recently nominated for the Prix Ricard 2023, Ana Vaz presented Meteoro, a film as part of the exhibition Do You Believe in Ghosts? at the Pernod Ricard Foundation.

🎙️Maïa Tellit Hawad
Based in Marseille, Maïa Tellit Hawad is an independent researcher of Franco-Touareg origin. Her research questions the imaginary of the Sahara in French Africanist sciences and the interweaving of geography, coloniality and the politics of race in current administrations in the central Sahara. Her recent work focuses on the nomadic future of contemporary Tuareg society. She is currently co-directing her first documentary on Tuareg women musicians in the Agadez region.