En Déplacement #1 by Clara Schulmann and Thomas Boutoux

« En déplacement », the new radio programme of Galerie Jocelyn Wolff

Written and produced by two-long time collaborators of the gallery, writer Clara Schulmann and editor Thomas Boutoux, “En Déplacement”, will explore every month how, in these times, artists and cultural producers aim at displacing and reinventing their practices and their attentions, pointing at news directions.

An hour and half long, the programme will combine features, stories, interviews, conversations, sound interventions, with different guests each time.


// Cécile Paris, an artist and educator who opened in 2021 the artist-run Pan Café on the Ile Saint-Denis

// François Aubart and Camille Pageard, writers and publishers, who just launched a new imprint based in Romainville, Même pas L’Hiver, and released their first series of books this month

// Lenio Kaklea, the Athens-born Paris-based dancer, choreographer and author, who is playing next week at the Bourse du Commerce -- Pinault Collection, a new choreography inspired by John Cage’s "Sonatas and Interludes".

For more information: Pan Café https://www.pancafe.fr // Même pas l'Hiver https://www.memepaslhiver.com // Lénio Kaklea http://abd-contents.com // Radio Athènes https://www.radioathenes.org

Montage: Ferdinand Artur