Metronome N°9 Le Teaser

Published By: Guillaume Leblon
Publishing Date: 2017

Metronome is a non-periodical publication linked to Metronome Press, a publishing house specialized in literary writing, and more specifically, fictions having to do with contemporary art. For its ninth issue, Metronome presents itself as a set with seven parts. These include LE JOKER, a general presentation of Metronome Press, and six LE TEASER, unusual collections of text extracts in their original language, inspired by the innovative French editor, Maurice Girodas. Each LE TEASER is accompanied by a visual project. For one of these, Guillaume Leblon created a succession of photographic, black and white fragmentations. Included texts by Tom Gidley, Phyllis Kiehl, Samon Takahashio and Tom McCarthy.