«Pop/Op», Marcelle Cahn, «Quaternary Unfolded 2.0», Irene Kopelman, «Plane Dreams Shelf», Rudolf Samohejl

May 29 – July 31, 2021
Paris - Romainville

NEW OPENING HOURS: Tuesday - Saturday, 10 am - 6 pm

For our reopening, we present three new exhibitions, «Quaternary Unfolded 2.0» by Irene Kopelman, a new chapter in her project with the gallery which began in March 2021, «Pop/Op», our first solo exhibition devoted to Marcelle Cahn, a major figure in geometric abstraction, and «Plane Dreams Shelf», a piece and an exhibition by Rudolf Samohejl (guest artist)

Although «Quarternary Unfolded» Irene Kopelman’s first exhibition at the gallery, closed after a week, we were able to offer new reading of her work, by presenting a different collection: the porcelain sculptures from the “Gornergletscher” series (Gorner glacier, Valais, Switzerland) were created as part of her collaboration with the l’Institut fédéral de recherches sur la forêt, la neige et le paysage WSL in Davos, Switzerland.

The study of glaciers and avalanches in the Alpine landscape served as a meeting point between visual and scientific research.

«Pop/Op», for its part, is focused on Marcelle Cahn’s collage work from the 1960s and 70s, which combine the Dada legacy and the purist tradition.

The exhibition is structured around a complementary display of two series, representing major axes in the artist’s output: a set of collages on postcards, created from 1972, which, according to Michel Seuphor, synthesis op art and pop art, and a set of collages on abstract compositions of printed matrixes.

The postcard collages examine “the gap between what is and what is not”, to use the words of Mireille Cordonnier-Kraft from her doctoral thesis about the artist (1995, unpublished), thereby precluding the “normal play of perception”, whereas the play of infinite compositions of the collages on prints lends a musical dimension to Marcelle Cahn’s work.

Rudolf Samohejl (1987) is visual artist based in Brussels and Prague.

Samohejl classifies his works as “sculptural situations.” His works are moreso experiences than presentations, drawing their strength from an active audience. He is concerned with the present and future, particularly dealing with issues of technology, urbanism, and mass consumption.

The sculpture Plane Dreams Shelf, 2020 consists of six interconnected elements which sums up in complex sculptural situation. The elements of the situation are: Artist Book Plane Dreams (published by ArtMap, 2019), sculpture of a Shelf, voice of the narrator playing from a record placed inside of the piedestal and the title.