November 3 – November 5, 2023

For this year’s edition of Artissima, we’d like to present a selection of works that revolve around the idea of jungle in its mulptiple meanings and connotations.

Namely, the jungle as an area of dense tropical vegetation and as ruthless human habitat typical for big cities, are both considered as such in our choice of works. However, we’re also attentive to the way the latter tend to enter the space of the former. In the photographic series of works Paradiso created by Diego Bianchi, the industrial substitute instrudes in the area of wild nature. His sculptural creations presenting mutated human bodies, becoming a hybrid of human flesh and everyday utilitarian objects, also participate in his ongoing reflection on our relation to things and nature. Isa Melsheimer is also one of the artists whose work demonstrates a deep reflection on the Western colonisation of nature be it in scientific, cultural or industrial terms. Santiago de Paoli’s works, on the other hand, complete our selection by his anthropomorphic vision of nature, enhancing the unity between human and his natural environment in an ironic way.

We’re also delighted to invite the two Italian artists Hilario Isola and Enrico Ascoli to participate in our curated Artissima showcase, whom we believe to be an enriching addition to the selection of the gallery artists.