Santiago de Paoli A leaf in the wind

January 10 – March 6, 2021
Paris - Romainville

Following government announcements from January 14, 2021, we adapt our public opening hours.

The exhibition will be open Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 6pm until further notice.

Galerie Jocelyn Wolff · Podcast_"Whos that comin' 'round the bend ", Santiago de Paoli by Clara Schulmann

"Who's that comin' round the bend" is a new podcast by Clara Schulmann dedicated to Santiago de Paoli's work.

Based on interviews made during the last few weeks, the podcast flits around his life and work.

During this 25-minutes ride, Santiago and Clara talk about London, the rain, bricks, the Amazonian forest and owl monkeys, how Santiago discovered painting and abandoned biology, why he likes Lee Lozano, and how he works with felt.

By the end of the podcast, painting has met with afterimages, poetry, flowers and genitalia.

Maybe we are stronger with our eyes closed.

Podcast in English/French
Created by Clara Schulmann
Edited by Aline Gorisse

Clara Schulmann is a writer and art critic based in Paris. She teaches at the Beaux-arts de Paris. Her last book, Zizanies, was published in 2020 by Paraguay Press.