En Déplacement #6 by Clara Schulmann and Thomas Boutoux

Guests :
/Yasmine El Amri, artist, is working on territorial development and its pre-existing condition. Since 2022, she has been exploring water as a theme for an art performance series. « How do Rivers flow in France ? » was presented at the Center Wallonie-Bruxelles in Paris.

/Emilie Renard, director, and Mathilde Belouali-Dejean, head of exhibitions at Bétonsalon Art Center in Paris, France, invited with Romain Grateau, artist and member of Pauline Perplexe, artist run space in Arceuil, France, talk about their cross-residency « Running waters »

/Shelly De Vito and James Porter, founders of Les Moulins de Paillard, an artistic space and cultural association located in France’s Loire Valley.