En Déplacement #2 by Clara Schulmann and Thomas Boutoux

2nd episode recorded live from the gallery on Friday 18 February, 2022 at 4 pm! 


//Claire Hoffmann, a curator, head of the visual art at the Centre Culturel Suisse, will speak to you about the upcoming closure of the space on the rue des Francs-Bourgeois in Paris for building work, and how it is a question of rethinking and reinventing a programme for the duration of the works. It will also be an opportunity to discuss the Tschüss festival that is accompanying the closure.

//Gufo to discuss the space located in Marseille, and the magazine Hoot which is a product of it.

//The report of the day reaches out to eae in Pantin, a more confidential space, born of a reflection about publishing and what a "club” could look like.

This podcast will explore every month how, in these times, artists and cultural producers aim at displacing and reinventing their practices and their attentions, pointing at new directions. An hour and a half long, the programme will combine features, stories, interviews, conversations, sound interventions with several different guests each time. Discussion in French.

For more information: Centre Culturel Suisse : ccsparis.com / Gufo : gufoofug.com / eae : eae.pantin@gmail.com / Genevieve Pruvost, Quotidien Politique : www.editionsladecouverte.fr/quotidien_p…82348069666