En Déplacement #12 with Palette Terre, Alexi Shell (1/2)

🎙 Bastien Cosson et Elsa Oliarj-Ines: Palette Terre is a gallery founded in January 2014 by Bastien Cosson and Elsa Oliarj-Ines, on his 5th floor's parisian apartment facing south, with a renewed exhibition programme.

🎙 Alexi Shell : Her first EP, out in December 2020, was named “I wish I was a Mermaid”. Alexi Shell is known for her techno and gabber live sets, that include scenic creations. She is also producer, and artistic director of Manifesto XXI, a queer and feminist online media. Her upcoming album, Sirens, will be out on March 3, 2023.

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