Irene Kopelman Quaternary Unfolded

March 14 – May 22, 2021
Paris - Romainville

In accordance with the latest government restrictions in France, the gallery will be closed to the public as of Saturday, March 20th. Our office remains open and we are available for any questions or inquiries by email or phone. We are looking forward to welcoming you again at the gallery in a few weeks for Irene’s Kopelman exhibition, "Quaternary Unfolded".

"I do Like to have a home", is a new podcast by Clara Schulmann dedicated to Irene Kopelman's work.

I do not know exactly what the catalyst for Irene Kopelman’s journeys is. I know that once she is on site, one action seems unchanging: she draws. Argentina, Panama, India, Malaysia: everywhere, her hand follows her gaze and hence the contours of the leaves, trees, pigments, mangroves, forests, glaciers or plankton reach back to me. Because I will never hear the wind blowing on Mars “in real life”, because I will never be able to observe plankton properly, her approach dissolves, in part, what the environmental philosopher Glenn Albrecht would call my “eco-anxiety”, a concern linked to a changing and uncertain environment.

The discussion that gave rise to this podcast was recorded during the setting up of her first exhibition at the Jocelyn Wolff gallery.

Together we talk: about the distance that she is unable to take from the pieces that she creates, about the patience that her observations of nature require, about her childhood in Argentina and the fact of being a woman and being Jewish, of never being at the centre, about the fear of being alone in the jungle, and the need, or otherwise, to tell a story. (Clara Schulmann)

Podcast in English/French
Created by Clara Schulmann
Edited by Aline Gorisse

Clara Schulmann is a writer and art critic based in Paris. She teaches at the Beaux-arts de Paris. Her last book, Zizanies, was published in 2020 by Paraguay Press.

Galerie Jocelyn Wolff · Podcast "I do Like to have a home", Irene Kopelman by Clara Schulmann

At the occasion of this exhibition, we created a specific online exhibition. Click here to access.